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Very pleasant Relaxing massage of the whole body is performed by slow and smooth strokes. It perfuses and relaxes muscles that are stiffened by lack of movement, poor posture or stress. This then releases the entire locomotive apparatus. At the same time, blood circulation during the massage accelerates the metabolism and thus supports the leaching of accumulated waste substances from the body through the lymphatic system. Full body massage benefits not only muscles but the whole body including joints or internal organs. It regenerates the body and removes fatigue. It adds a sense of lightness to the body and mind.

Positive effects of massage:

  • it improves blood supply and thus improves the supply of oxygen and necessary nutrients to the tissues
  • removes toxic substances and metabolic products from the body
  • relieves muscle tension
  • positively affects the central nervous system (stimulates or relaxes)
  • releases mental exhaustion
  • improves joint mobility

So that the rest of the massage is really perfect and you have recharged as much as possible.

Throughout the massage you will inhale the intoxicating scents of aromatherapy oils that will stimulate your mind.

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