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Aromatherapy is a biochemical therapy derived from herbalism that is based on the treatment of physical or mental conditions through the aromatic properties of essential oils extracted from plants and trees. It is a technique used to improve health and mood through the inhalation or application of oils on the skin.

Therapeutic properties of essential oils:

- They interact in a very particular way through our sense of smell and traveling to related organs through our blood circulation.

- Essential oils are wonderful allies. They help the body in a variety of ways as needed: regulate, stimulate or balance.

- Some essential oils have a particular affinity with a particular organ (for example, the essence of lemon is a great ally of the liver, eucalyptus is a respiratory ally, etc.).

- They fight batteries, microbes or viruses, respecting and regenerating the intestinal flora.

- The scent of some essential oils promotes mood (Bergamot), emotionally balances (Ravintsara) and helps to deal with anxiety and stress (Orange, Mandarin, Lavender among others).

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