Full body massage or partial massage – back or legs

Full body massage or partial massage - back or legs

In Mantra, when you order a classic FULL BODY MASSAGE or BACK OR LEG MASSAGE, you can choose, in agreement with the masseuse, and depending on your mood and the condition of your body that day, one of 3 types of massages:


Sports massage

This massage is intended for clients in the period of increased physical effort and sufferers. Sports massage has the primary goal of speeding up muscle recovery from physical exertion. We do this by reducing muscle tone that naturally increases within training or increased effort, and by improving circulation, especially capillary. Namely, performing exercises in the muscles causes micro-traumas of muscle fibers that lead to inflammation and pain, and sports massage is the best way to speed up muscle recovery.

Sports massage after activities contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the body, and its effect of muscle relaxation and reducing the amount of lactic acid in the body contributes to faster recovery after sports activities. This technique can heal minor injuries to muscle tissue, but also prevent possible injuries. As massage improves blood flow to muscle tissue, it stimulates metabolism and faster absorption of nutrients needed for faster muscle recovery after training. Sports massage before training, in combination with medical, warms the muscles and prepares for physical effort, thus significantly reducing the possibility of injury.

Sports massage does not necessarily have to be extremely strong, but the therapist focuses on the individual needs of the client on whom the massage is applied. It leads to a feeling of relaxation and has a general calming effect. With this technique, the body temperature rises by 2-3 degrees, there is a significant improvement in circulation, and there is hyperemia of these parts.

Medical massage

It is one of the most effective massages, which is primarily intended to address various physical complications, from neck and back pain, tingling in the hands, spine problems, inflammation of muscles and nerves, headaches, migraines, sprains, postoperative conditions and injuries, respiratory problems and the like. . It is necessary for successful and completely natural treatment of sciatica. Medical massage aims to treat and alleviate painful conditions, which is achieved by intensifying the capillary circulation of the treated area, a better supply of oxygen and nutrients, speeding up metabolism, reducing muscle tone. The intensity of movement and pressure is adjusted to the painful place and it takes a lot of experience and dedication to successfully perform this technique.

Relax massage

Extremely gentle body massage, as its name suggests, is relaxing and intended primarily to reduce stress. In a relaxing massage, the ambience itself is very important. Gentle lights, scented candles, essential oils or sticks, quiet relaxing music introduce you to the perfect moment of relaxation and places that do not know stress. In addition to relaxation and relaxation, the goal is regeneration, establishing the right balance and flow of energy in the body. Unlike medical or sports, this technique is not intense, but movements relax the whole body but also the mind. With gentle and light movements, the ultimate goal of this massage is to bring the person to sleep.

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