Everything You Should Know About is Nuru Massage in Delhi

nuru massage in delhi

Nuru Massage is a Japanese massage therapy that is very popular among the natives in the country. Primarily, it is an erotic massage that makes the body of the customers free from all type of stresses. The session of this kind of massage therapy lasts for around an hour only, but it brings a soothing experience in the body.


The Technique Of Nuru Massage in Delhi:

Technically, the term ‘Nuru, means ‘Slippery’ or ‘smooth.’ The massage procedure is very strange and highly enjoyable. It puts the completely nude bodies of the customer and the masseuse in contact with each other. Both the entities cover their body with colorless and odorless lotion and then rub their bodies against each other. On many occasions, the customers can even engage two masseuses at a time to complete the procedure of Nuru Massage.



Quite an exemplary type of massage, it allows the participants to rub their bodies against each other. With the passage of time, the activities get wilder and wilder. The wilder it grows, the more advantages it fetches to their bodies. Ultimately, the Nuru Massage brings complete relaxation to the body of the customers and also to the masseuses.


Here, you need to know about the lotion that the massage prescribes. It is a mixture of a few chemical and plant extracts. The main components include sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, Sphaerotrichia divaricata, Chamomile, azulene, and other minerals. The impact of the lotion is the secret of the success of this massaging technique. 

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